South American biscuits...


Brazil - Portugal 0-0

1. Don't other teams accuse us of little sportsmanship after the “biscuit” between Brazil and Portugal.

2. Besides, I propose that the referee is allowed to suspend the game for ballbusting...

Ivory coast - Nort Korea 3-0

I would have liked to see Drogba&co. in the second round match... And now I think that none of the North Korea players will have easy life...

Chile - Spain 1-2

Part of the match it was good because you see it at Marco and Linda's house of rock. And there are also Alessandro and a cat. Then Bravo, the goalkeeper of Chile national team, go out of his area without an understandable reason like Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos (do you remember Campos?). Suddenly, “the biscuit” comes also here. What a bore....

Swiss - Honduras 0-0

If you see Swiss playing counter-attack and with two only defenders back, it means that you are assisting to an rare event as mach as the Halley's comet.

sabato 26 giugno 2010

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