God save Fabio



Could somebody tell me where were England’s defenders yesterday? I looked for them but I didn’t find them… I think I have seen four red-dressed guys ahead of the goalkeeper but I can’t believe they were… Yes, I know. In the second goal the ball was over the line about 15 km but you know Blatter doesn’t like technology… Otherwise how can he justify the enormous mistakes “made in Fifa”? Come on guys, try to understand him! And then Germany equalized what happened in the 1966 World Cup final. The life is more ironic than you think… In the end I wouldn’t seem you unpleasant but Germany deservedly won. What do you think, Fabio?


Offside or not offside? Off side. But Argentina is one of the best team I’ve seen in this 2010 World Cup. Maybe Mexico could have reacted in a different way without Carlos Tevez’s ghost-goal. Can somebody tell me how many fast went the ball in the third goal?

lunedì 28 giugno 2010

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